Greetings!! Lots coming, soonly; check out inventory already produced! Photos will be posted as soon as I get all the words in… 🙂

Okay, I’ve placed a few photos of ladies wear items in the Gallery section; will add more tomorrow?!

I feel I should let you know, the inventory produced here at American Dream Tie Dyes doesn’t just include cute ladies shirts; we also have mens shirts, up to size 4X, socks, underwear for both men and women, and wait, for kids too!, onesies for your little ones, toddler sized shirts, kids sizes, bandannas, do rags, backpacks, reusable shopping bags, skirts, silk and rayon scarves, 2′.5″ x 2′.5″ linen fabric squares that can be used in quilting projects, to reupholster seats of chairs,(see sample photos), to ‘renew’ any item you wish to give a new look to,  (accent a leather handbag, with a strip of tie dye sewn on!), stretch over frame structure, and have a cool spot on your wall, tablecloths, etc.  Anything cotton, silk or rayon, that isn’t already dyed or doesn’t have a printed design on it…I can make it different and noteworthy for you!

Nic, w/ his band in France, wearing tie dye I created for him over 10 years ago; photo taken 7/2010. Colors are still that bright!


7 Responses to Home

  1. Eh, Nic, who’s the bloke in the back, on keys, again??!

  2. Diana says:

    WOW such nice work you do! I am so happy to see you on the web! You go Girl!
    I love some of those baby-doll T’s in your gallery!
    Too bad I am not a baby doll size but I am so glad you have T-shirts in all sizes (especially Extra large sizes) I must purchase a few! Let me know where you will be selling I will come find you!!!

  3. bobbi says:

    YEA!! good job Germaine – I know how much work this all is believe me…I am working on my own site too with WordPress! not easy ! but your pics look good too…

  4. jb says:

    WOW!!! These are the very best tie dyes I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had a lot. I bought two shirts and a scarf at a Resornatorz show several months ago from you. You have a very nice product! My girl friend loved the sweet design on her scarf.

    • oops, did I delete that reply to you by accident?…! I was saying thank you for the positive feedback! And I’ll bet the color is still great on the items you bought, right?! Wish I had checked this site before I did my annual 4th of July show in Coal Creek Canyon; it was so nice up there, again, this year, regardless of the fire scares and all…
      Am going to be vending again on August 4th, at Sloans Lake, an event for MADD,(Mothers Against Drunk Drivers); on the 18th, in Evens, Co., for Scooter Trash Day, (check it on facebook, if you can), and on the 25th at Susies Bar and Grill, in Golden, for their classic car and bike show! Hope to see you at 1 of those events, at least!! Alright, gotta run, got an order of 4 dozen do-rags I have got to get dyed for the rest of the shows this month, all private affairs…Thanks again, and have a great evening!

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